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The “5-B’s Rubric of Evangelistic-Disciplemaking” of The Sports Outreach Movement – Part X

This was originally posted on the CSRM Blog in 2016, and is featured in Dr. Linvilles Book Sports Outreach Fundamentals.


This series of blogs describes and explains the “5-B’s” of Evangelistic-Disciplemaking of The Sports Outreach Movement. This blogs continues the discussion with the fifth “B” – Becoming

The fifth and final step in the 5-B’s Rubric is: becoming. Becoming is perfect as a descriptor because it communicates not only that evangelistic-disciplemaking is a process but also that “dedicated disciples” of Jesus Christ never arrive, but are constantly progressing. More importantly however, becoming effectively communicates the true essence of the evangelistic-disciplemaking process of the 5-B Rubric. The commitment to be about making dedicated, life-long disciples of Jesus Christ as opposed to asking someone to make a one-day decision about becoming a Christian, is significantly different.

It should also be apparent becoming is impossible without the first four steps in the 5-B Rubric. A person cannot not become a person who truly worships and embodies Christ without: a) belonging: being part of a community; b) believing: coming to faith in Jesus; c) baptizing: being baptized in His name; and d) behaving: striving to live as Jesus taught. Becoming is the ongoing result of the first four “B’s.” While becoming is a resultant end, it is also truly an ongoing resultant end. It is an arrival/destination that assumes continual growth and development.

The Conclusion of The “5 B’s” - The Relevance of the 5-B Rubric for the Sports Outreach Movement

There may be no other concept more relevant to the Sports Outreach Movement than the 5-B Rubric of Evangelistic-Disciplemaking. On this Level #2 Philosophical Principle, hang all subsequent Level #3 Methodological Models. All local church Sports Outreach Ministries and each sports-related, para-ministries raise funds based upon this rubric. More important, all activities, outreaches and endeavors are built upon the philosophy of ministry...and of course, all Level #2 Philosophical Principles are informed and shaped by their Level #1 Theological Truths.

If the Level #1 theological perspective of soteriology (theology of salvation) of a church or ministry is to “get someone saved,” (decision for a day), then their 5-B Rubric is, at best, reduced to a 2-B approach… belonging and believing. With such a theological mindset there is no need for the last three “B’s.” If however, a ministry’s theology of salvation includes “making disciples,” (life-long, dedicated disciples) then the entire 5-B Rubric is of vital importance.

So, the real question for the Sports Outreach Movement is: is it about evangelism or better said, evangelistic-disciplemaking? Is the job of a local church Sports Outreach Ministry completed upon a person’s profession of faith, or is that profession of faith a most welcomed and celebrated step on a journey towards becoming a dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ? How Sports Outreach leaders answer this question will decide the future of the Movement…and to a large degree…impact the future of The Church.


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