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Overwhelming Victory Flix

Overwhelming Victory Flix is CSRM's video production house and produces a number of different video series to help equip the Sports, Recreation, & Fitness Minister. Browse the different projects we are working on below or visit our YouTube Channels for the full collection.

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Training Videos

We have a number of training videos covering different topics, & in a number of different formats from seminars, to classrooms, to podcasts. 

AGON Course Videos

The AGON Institute of Sports Ministry produces all of its coursework through OVF. Dr. Linville teaches a number of different Graduate level courses through these video series.

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Video Podcasts

All of our OVRadio Podcasts are available as video podcasts as well.

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Book Companions

Some of our OVP books have been featured on the CSRM Podcast as a chapter by chapter walkthrough.

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Image by Szabo Viktor

Our full video library can be found at the CSRM Youtube channel:

Don't forget to subscribe to our channels to stay updated, as well as the other OVF Partner channels for Ministry Misfits & MarriageMAPP.

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