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BECOME AN AUTHOR with Overwhelming victory press


  • You get paid

  • Keep copyright

  • Not self-publishing

  • Not a "vanity press"

  • Work with a reputable publishing house

  • Work with a team of content, text and technical editors 


  • All manuscripts should be submitted through the Submission Portal below.

  • All manuscripts will be delivered to the Editorial Team within 31 calendar days of receiving the manuscript

  • Acceptance, Acceptance with Recommendations, or No Acceptance of the manuscript will be communicated to the author within 62 calendar ​days of the reception of the manuscript

Abstract Proposal

  • A brief (300-800 word) overview consisting of:

  • What is the overall vision for and desired purpose of your book?

  • Is your book Theological (What the Ministry believes, thinks, envisions)?  Philosophical (How the Ministry is organized)? Or Methodological (What/How is the Ministry done)? Or is it a combination of these three?

  • What messages, themes, and takeaways to you want to reader to gather from reading your book?

  • Who is the ideal Intended Audience you see reading and utilizing this book?

  • How will your book be used by the reader?

  • Based on question 2 & 3 (above)…what is/are the distinctives of your book from other similar/competing books?  What separates it from others in the field?

  • How is your book relevant to local church SR&F Outreach Ministry?

  • A proposed Table of Contents

  • Submitted here.

  • Upon approval, move on to STEP 2

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