OVP Institutes of Sports Ministry Series


Christmanship: A Theology of Competition & Sport
Price: $20.00


Putting the Church Back in the Game
Price: $20.00


Sports Outreach Fundamentals
Price: $20.00


The Saving of Sports Outreach: The Soteriology of
Sports Outreach
Price: $20.00


Life of the Shoe: Sports Outreach for the World
Price: $20.00

More OVP Books


Sports Ministry that Wins
Price: $20.00


Maintaining Pace
Price: $12.00


Rugged Discipleship
Price: $12.00

Books Authored by Ministry Partners


Into the Stadium
Price: $10.00


Holiday Biblical Characters
Price: $25.00


A Sporting Guide to Eternity
Price: $12.00


Characters of the Bible
Price: $25.00


Character Counts for Athletes: Vol 2 & Vol 3
Price: $6.00 each


Worship Wars
Price: $20.00

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