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The “5-B’s Rubric of Evangelistic-Disciplemaking” of The Sports Outreach Movement – Part I

This was originally posted on the CSRM Blog October 7, 2016, and is featured in Dr. Linvilles Book Sports Outreach Fundamentals.


This series of blogs will describe and explain the “5-B’s” of Evangelistic-Disciplemaking of The Sports Outreach Movement. This series is a Level #2 Philosophical Principle of the “3-Tier Paradigm” and serves to succinctly chart a step-by-step Biblically-based philosophical progression of The Evangelistic-disciplemaking Concept from which Level #3 Methodological Models can emerge. Each of the five steps starts with a word that begins with the letter: “B.” It is conceptualized from within, and built out of, the 5th of “7 Sports Outreach Continuums of Tension” – Celtic–Roman as outlined and further explained in the book from which this excerpt is taken.

The “5-B’s” in concept, are not unique to the Sports Outreach Movement but to the author’s knowledge, this is the first place they have been categorized and aligned as such. While almost embarrassingly simple in concept, the “5-B’s Rubric” is ingeniously helpful to all Sports Outreach Movement leaders who are attempting to comprehend and implement the evangelistic-disciplemaking concept in their Sports Outreach Ministry. This series has two sections and a number of subsections that include:

  1. The description and explanation of, the “5-B’s Rubric” of Sports Outreach

  2. The relevance of the “5-B’s Rubric” of Sports Outreach

  3. The Description and explanation of the “5-B’s Rubric” of Sports Outreach

The “5-B’s Rubric” of Sports Outreach is a helpful shorthand way to encapsulate the evangelistic-disciplemaking concept and is designed to help the leaders of the Sports Outreach Movement conceptualize, implement and evaluate whether or not they are actually succeeding in making “dedicated-disciples” rather than the typical “days-decision” experienced by most attempting evangelism. Each “B” represents a clear step in the evangelistic-disciplemaking process. Each identifies a necessary step in the spiritual journey of secularized, non-churched, non-believers as they become “dedicated disciples” of Jesus Christ. Each “B” will be stated and then described. The “5-B’s” are:

  • Belonging

  • Believing

  • Baptizing

  • Behaving

  • Becoming

The next blog will begin the first step in the journey by explaining the first “B” - Belonging


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