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Steve Connor (1961) is an author, speaker, leadership coach, and former NFL football player. He played as a free agent for the Chicago Bears in 1984 and the L.A. Rams in 1985. He is the founder of Sports Outreach International. He devotes his time to developing youth leadership and fraternity through the avenues of sports and competition across the globe.


Meet the Authors

Dr. Greg Linville is Executive Director Emeritus of CSRM that equips local churches for sports outreach; a long time university and seminary professor; husband, father, and a grandfather to a growing number of grandchildren. Currently, Dr. Linville is CSRM's Director of Resource Development where he serves as the General Editor/Publisher of CSRM’s Overwhelming Victory Press (OVP); General Producer of CSRM’s Overwhelming Victory Flix (OVF) production studio; and as CSRM’s Dean of The AGON Institute of Sports Ministry that offers a Master of Arts in Sports Outreach.

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After 30 years as a school teacher, Bryan Mason became the National Coordinator of Church Sports Ministry with Christians in Sport (CIS) of the U.K. and a member of the Archbishops’ College of Evangelists. Following this, he was appointed as the European Director for CSRM. From his years in sports ministry and physical education, he developed the church resource HIGHER SPORTS which included Higher Rugby, Higher Football, and Higher Games. He now serves as an Emeritus Director for CSRM and is very active within his local church in Worcester, England. Mason has a Sports Science honorary degree from Loughborough University and a Masters in Education from Leeds University as well as being the author of ‘Into the Stadium’, ‘Beyond the Gold’, and ‘Maintaining Pace’.

Bryan and his wife Judith have been married for over half a century, have three married sons and eight grandchildren.


P. F. Myers

P.F. Myers is CSRM’s International Director and is a highly respected leader in the international sports outreach movement.  He has been involved in sports outreach ministry for nearly three decades and lived or ministered in more than 80 countries. His manuals and video training series have been used the world over and have been translated into different languages. In his role with CSRM, he currently oversees six international staff and nearly two dozen Global Network Partners. His deep passion for equipping the local church to move from sports activity to sports ministry has inspired leaders around the world.

Greg English

Vickie Byler

Dr. Jimmy Smith

Bryan Mason

Dr. Greg Linville

Steve Connor

Dr. Jimmy Smith teaches several topics in the sport and physical education department including, marketing, organizational behavior, and sport facility management. His research has been published in some of the top sport management journals including the Journal of Sport Management. His research interests cover organizational change within sport organizations. Recent research interests in sports outreach have led to him publishing "Sports Ministry that Wins: How to initiate, build, and manage a sports ministry program." This book has led to his current research and practical work with Gonzaga University students in bringing before school sports outreach program for youth aged 9-12 to Spokane area schools.

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