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Sports Ministry that Wins

Written by Dr. Jimmy Smith

Each new generation of the local church Sports Outreach Community needs to breathe new life into the movement they inherit.  Sports Ministry That Wins is just such and expression.  The Editors and Authors of the handbook warmly embrace a rich heritage they now steward, but more importantly provide the content to ensure its continued relevance for the Next Generation.  A must read for the current, and all future generations, of local church Sports, Recreation and Ministry leaders, Sports Ministry That Wins will serve as a foundation resource for Sports & Recreation degrees, Sports Ministry Certificates and sports-related, para-ministry training, but even more so, it is a compendium of essential, pragmatic ministry tools that will greatly enhance and expand any congregation seeking to use sport, recreation and fitness to reach those far from Jesus and His Church. Chapters are written by ten recognized leaders and topics include: evangelism; leadership; small church; recruiting & retaining coaches; marketing; facilities; conflict management; and measuring success.