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The Life of the Shoe

Written by P. F. Myers

The Ministry of the Shoe is the first practical Sports Outreach Ministry book written specifically for the International Sports Ministry Community and emerges out of the life experiences of both the author and other indigenous leaders from around the globe. It articulates solid Christo-Centric, Theological-Truths; Biblically-Based, Philosophical-Principles; and Strategic, Relevant, Efficient & Effective Methodological-Models, that if understood and applied, can catalytically empower local churches to accomplish their world-wide, Great Commission goals. Envisioned as the 8th book in the Institutes of Sports Outreach Series, it explains and expands the book series's Sports Outreach transferable concepts for international application. Authored by the modern day Apostle Paul of Sports Outreach, this book provides both the pragmatic "how-to's" for all Sports Ministers as well as the "Academic" Theologies and theories for University and Seminary courses. Additionally, through the telling of many stories from around the world, the reader will find practical application and inspiration to trust God more fully and grow in their calling, vision, and ministry.