Does God Care Who Wins?- Book by Bob Schindler
Book review by Jay Martin, December 2017

Simply put: As I put this book down my first thought was I can’t wait to read it again!  Why?  Because it stirred my heart by pointing the way to the Answer of the one pursuit I’ve always had in athletics and in life, GLORY!
I’m in my 43rd year in athletics as a (recreational, high school and Division 1 athlete, college coach, recreation/travel coach and league director) I pursued excellence with a passion and intensity that were at times matched but rarely out matched.   I’ve always wanted to be the best and I always thought that was a good thing…right?  Then why did such a good thing always leave me (inwardly) feeling empty and addictively wanting more; win or lose? 
Bob Schindler in his usual way builds a sound theological foundation for his answer to the question “Does God Care Who Wins”  but he tenderly pursues our hearts in an effort help us see that our search for glory is really our desperate search for God.  In his book Does God Care Who Wins, I see clearly that my passionate pursuit of athletic success was most often a desperate attempt to find what only God can ultimately provide; satisfaction, approval, significance, and even the feeling of being loved. Through this very concise book Bob validates my design as a competitor and fighter but helps redirect my heart to the goal.
Does God Care Who Wins, will not give you a 3-step process to fix your struggle in this area.  No book can! This isn’t just a head problem; it’s a heart problem.  However, Bob does a remarkable job of “starting the dialogue” and guiding us in this incredible life giving journey always reminding us that only in a daily walk with Christ will we find true and lasting Glory. 
Thank you Bob for always pointing me to Jesus while not stripping me of my love for the game, competition and the pursuit of being my very best.
Where you can use this book:

  • Local Church Sports Outreach Coaches, Parents and Athletes (Individual study; small or large group settings)

  • Any coach at any level (Pro, college, high school, travel, recreation)

  • Discipleship Group 5-week study

  • Gifts to parents on sports teams

  • Middle School to College Athletes

Where to get the book: Order the book through smile.amazon.com.
A veteran local church Sports Minister, Jay Martin resides in Atlanta with his wife and children where he leads the Sport, Rec & Fitness Outreach Ministry at Perimeter Church.  Martin is viewed as one of the key leaders of the Sports Outreach Movement, held in high esteem by his peers and serves as a Foundational Partner of the REACHgathering. ​