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SENT: Missiology for the Sports Outreach Community

Written by Dr. Greg Linville

The fifth volume of the Institute of Sports Ministry Series. Will The Sports Outreach Community continue to organize and administrate the same old sports and fitness programs or will it choose to embrace a radical re-envisioning of missional sports outreach?   Are sports ministers satisfied to run the same old leagues or will they boldly decide to engage in a catalytic re-inventing of reaching those far from Jesus through sports?  Are fitness ministers content with large numbers of participants in their fitness ministry who improve their physical health; or will they commit to gospel-centric, Evangelistic-Disciplemaking that will enable not only physical fitness but more so, enable those far from Jesus to embrace Him as Savior.  Are sports ministers content to have buildings that are filled with activity; or do they long for Holy Spirit empowered missional outreach.  Are you directing a morning-to-evening sports and activity ministry or mobilizing missional sports outreach for eternity?

The overwhelming majority of SR&F outreach ministers deeply desire to “go and make disciples" and this book is written for each one of them.  It is written for all who want to transform their sports activities and fitness programs into a dynamic missional sports outreach.

The future of the Sports Outreach Movement depends upon a “sail-adjusted,” refocusing on mission that can only occur if it truly comprehends missiology (the theology of missional outreach) and know how to apply its principles to envision how to organize and structure SR&F outreach ministry that is truly a Strategically-Relevant and Efficiently-Effective mission that reaches those far from Jesus and His Church. 


It is hoped that each and every reader will embrace the vision for this book and choose to become missional in all they do.