​​Why The AGON? 


AGON is a Greek New Testament word translated as: "contest," or "competition" and came to also be used to describe the field or arena where the ancient athletic games, contests and races occurred.  The AGON Institute of Sports Ministry is specifically designed to prepare SR&F Outreach Ministers for the "contest and competition" as experienced in the joys, rigors and challenges of contemporary ministry. To be a minister of the Gospel requires a sacrificial denial of self, and the willingness to endure a variety of obstacles - even occasional persecutions. The goal of The AGON Institute is to resource, train, equip and empower SR&F Ministers to be strategically-relevant and efficiently-effective in their struggle to incarnate the Gospel to an increasingly secular world. The Institute equips its students to acquire cognitive Information that inspires personal Transformation  that results in ministerial Formation.  This is done through establishing foundational theological truths, that position students to use sound philosophical principles, to catalyze students for the most relevant and strategic methodological models of outreach currently available.

The AGON Distinctive: 


All AGON Institute of Sports Ministry courses are based in the AGON's "3-Tier Paradigm."  The three levels of this organizational structure include: Level #1: Christo-Centric Theological-Truths; which inform Level #2 Biblically-based Philosophical-Principles out of which emerge; Level #3 Methodological-Models.  Thus, the AGON courses serve to resource, train, equip and empower SR&F Outreach Ministers to:


a) Know what they believe, how to think and how to envision their ministry (The "Why" of SR&F Outreach Ministry - Level #1);

b) Know how to structure, plan for, and organize their outreaches (The "What, When, With Whom" of SR&F Outreach Ministry - Level #2); and

c) Know how to administer an Evangelistic-Disciplemaking SR&F Outreach Ministry that is truly strategically-relevant and effectively-efficient  (The "What" of SR&F Outreach Ministry - Level #3).    


Bottom Line: 


Anyone desiring to use Sport, Recreation and Fitness Outreach to reach those far from Christ and His Church is warmly encouraged to enroll and become a student in the AGON Institute of Sports Ministry.