Born to Play by Stuart Weir & Graham Daniels

Simply put: Born to Play is the most excellent and succinct book of its kind!  Authors Stuart Weir & Graham Daniels combine a lifetime of sporting experience, personal reflections, conversations with competitors and interactions with thinkers, researchers and theologians into a concise primer on how to compete in the image of Jesus.  This is a must read for all athletes and coaches who proclaim Christ as Lord and Savior.

This book is not designed to be an Academic textbook, nor a comprehensive theological tome but rather a simple (but not simplistic) and clear overview of how to view and interact with teammates, coaches, "opponents," success, referees/officials and sport itself.  This short (in length) book is long in helping disciples of Christ conceptualize how to envision and engage in sport.

Suggestions for use:

  • Team discussions

  • Bible School or Sunday School Classes

  • Personal Devotions

  • University & Seminary Classes

  • Team Devotionals