"despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us." - Romans 8:37

Overwhelming Victory is the resource branch of The Association of Church Sports and Recreation Ministries (CSRM), and encompasses a publishing house (Overwhelming Victory Press), a video and audio recording house (Overwhelming Victory Flix), a new Sports Ministry Podcast Network (Overwhelming Victory Radio) and an academic division (The AGON Institute). 

Overwhelming Victory Press and Flix were envisioned in 2010 to provide the foundational information that would serve as the basis for instructing and inspiring sports ministers to fulfill the Great Commission.  Ten years later, Overwhelming Victory has provided the Community Sports, Recreation, & Fitness ministers ten original books, hundreds of blogs, and a library of video training series and podcasts.  


To Create the theological, philosophical and methodological information that all sports ministers need to be fully equipped & empowered.


To See fully equipped and empowered sports ministers.


All Overwhelming Victory Resources are developed out of our three tier paradigm. Our Level 1 Theological Truths effect our Level 2 Philosophical Principles, which effect our Level 3 Methodological Models.



Philosophical Principles

Methodological Models

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Overwhelming Victory is a branch of the Association of Church Sports and Recreation Ministries 

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